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Our skills, perseverance and passion lead us to hold high technical capability & proven experience to provide our Customers with tailor made engineering solutions of all our equipment.
Dating 1941 we have taken on engineering challenges and side-by-side with our Customers have delivered complex and innovative solution equipment.
AD-MERKBLAETTER PED,STOOMWEZEN ranging materials from low to high alloy steels and exotic materials such as zirconium, tantalum, titanium.



Process Engineering: HTRI, In-House Softwares

Design Engineering: Autocad, Tekla, CADWork, Creo Purpose 3D Modeling, In- House Softwares

Mechanical Engineering: Sargon, Finite Element Analisys ANSYS, Sant’Ambrogio, Codae, PV Elite, CAESAR, In-House Softwares

Programming: Intel Visual Fortran, Intel Visual CH