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After Sales Technical Assistance Service

There’s added value in the products we supply and value maturing through time with respect to
After Sales Service.

Our After Sales Service is defined by on-going positive relations with our customers, a reliable guarantee for the operational efficiency of our products over and extended period of time and the performance of routine or extraordinary maintenance, repairs, total or partial replacement of appliances directly on-site by skilled staff.

The After Sales Service Unit of FBM Hudson Italiana is active since 1968 in various jobsites worldwide.
The service is based at its Italian headquarters and is staffed by highly specialized and qualified technicians and skilled employees.
The expertise of our personnel has been achieved both through long term site activities in specific technological fields and long dating proven know-how that supports our company in thermal and mechanical design, welding, NDE technologies and in production capacities.
NDE personnel are certified as levels II and III according to SNT-TIC-1A and CIC PnD ad are conversant with all NDE methods.
The After Sales Service Unit has been strengthened and re-organized to meet the ever increasing quality standard requirements and increasingly tighter job performance schedules at competitive prices.


FBM Hudson Italiana and process engineering companies share a concern over maintenance problems of HP equipment, given the plant’s critical operation conditions. This concern is focused on safety during operation and on costs stemming from loss of production.
Important and complex repair work on Urea and Ammonia equipment is performed at the job site to minimize down time.

FBM Hudson Italiana’s effort is also aimed at finding out new systems that would make it possible to carry out important and complex repairs in situations such as:

  • complete re-tubing of heat exchangers, strippers, carbammate condensers, etc.
  • complete or partial replacements of the corroded internal reactor linings and other high pressure equipment;
  • complete replacement of nozzles


All repair activities at site are planned so as to ensure that they are performed during the schedule shutdown, optimizing safety and productivity at the same time.
Based on extent of corrosion , FBM Hudson Italiana carry out the following after sales activities:

  • re-construction through weld build-up of titanium or stainless tube ends;
  • replacement of nozzles lining or complete nozzles;
  • performance of non-destructive examinations such as liquid penetrant, UT, magnetic particles, etc.

The main activities of our After-Sales unit include the following products/services:

  • Aircoolers and vacuum/under pressure Air-condensers
  • Residual life check of tube bundles and rotating equipment (fans, drivers, belts etc)
  • Check of working condition and performances optimization;
  • Retubing (with or without supply of finned tubes);
  • Ferrules supply and installation;
  •  Monitoring;

Maintenance, reconditioning or replacement of rotors and mechanical units;

  • Reaming of plug seats and grooves;
  • Supply of spare parts (finned tubes,plugs, gaskets, bearings, fan blades,pulleys, etc).