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Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers

FBM Hudson Italiana delivered its first Ammonia Reformed Gas Waste Heat Boiler in the late ’60 and since then has strived to expand and improve design capabilities and manufacturing range. In 1998 FBM Hudson Italiana further increased the product competence by acquiring the technology of Babcock Entreprise S.A.of which became the successor.

Today, FBM Hudson Italiana offers a large range of equipment of cooling reformed and synthetis gases. Such equipment is characterized by severe operating conditions (high temperature, high pressure, chimical aggressiveness of gas); consequently proven design and high quality manufacturing are necessary.

FBM Hudson Italiana Waste Heat Boilers are designed for natural circulation

Our products range covers:

Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers for Reformed Gas

  • Firetubes horizontal design
  • Firetubes vertical design
  • Water tube design for Ammonia Secondary Reformer WHB

Styrene Waste Heat Boilers Trains

Steam Drums

  • HP Steam Drums
  • LP Steam Drums
  • Cyclones & Dryers

Synloop Boilers

  • Firetube design
  • Horizontal or vertical design
  • Integral or separate Steam Drum

Steam Superheaters

  • U tubes design
  • Coil design




FBM Hudson Italiana proven experience in the design and manufacturing of high pressure boilers

is also applied to design Waste Heat Boilers for SRU and Sulphuric Acid plants.                                         5483 KT x Jazan

FBM Hudson Italiana offer both kettle type design with integrated steam separation and natural circulation design with separate steam drum.

Thanks to its expertise and facilities, FBM Hudson Italiana is ready  to support its customers to follow the trend towards large size boilers, up and above 5mt diameter and reaction furnace and waste heat boiler delivered in modularized configuration.


FBM Hudson Italiana also offers complete packages inclusive of:


  • Burners /BMS
  • Reaction furnace
  • Waste heat boiler
  • Steam drum
  • Superheaters
  • Sulphur condensers
  • Claus reactors
  • Instrumentation and  Piping

Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers for sulphur application, are offered both single and double compartment to suit customer specific requirements.


In processes such as Nitric Acid and Caprolactam synthetis gases are produced by a catalytic reaction and must be cooled

immediately downstream of the catalyst basket.


5476For these processes FBM Hudson Italiana Offers a vertical, natural circulation reactor-boiler package.

The unit consists of a steam generating section (vertical firetube boiler), a steam superheating section (coil type) a catalyst basket and a reaction dome.

This design concept compare very favourably with traditional forced circulation water tubes boilers and offers following advantages:

  • -Natural circulation
  • -Easy start-up and pre-heat
  • -No possibility of gas trapping during shutdowns
  • -Completely drainable unit
  • -Possibility to replace single tubes.

This boiler incorporates FBM Hudson Italiana know-how for thin tubesheets.

Vertical firetube boilers are typically used in following plants:

  • -Nitric and Cyanidric Acid
  • -Caprolactam
  • -Formaldehyde




FBM Hudson Italiana Waste Heat Boilers are provided, as required by process, with steam drums and steam superheaters designed and manufactured in house.


  • Offshore
  • Onshore
  • LNG
  • FPSO
  • Gas Field Development


  • CCR Platforming
  • FCC Components
  • Hydrocracking
  • Hydrotreating
  • Catalytic cracking
  • HDS
  • Crude distillation
  • Reforming
  • Isomerization
  • Hydrogen


  • Ammonia
  • Urea
  • Methanol
  • Sulphur Recovery
  • PTA
  • Styrene
  • Caprolactame
  • Nitric & Cyanhydric Acid
  • Acetic Acid
  • Propylene
  • Ethylene
  • Melamine
  • Sulfuric Acid


  • Conventional Power
  • Co Generation
  • Solar (CSP)
  • Ultra High Vacuum & Cryogenic Chambers
  • Thermal Shroud for Space Simulator
  • Alumina Refinery
  • Food Applications


  • carbon stell
  • stainless steel
  • incoloy
  • low alloy
  • carbon steel
  • inconel
  • high alloy
  • hastelloy


  • Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers
  • Steam Superheaters
  • Steam Drums

Year 2014

Supply of Ammonia RG Boiler for Bolivia

N.1 Ammonia HP Steam Superheater

Shell Material: SAA-387 Gr.11 Cl.2/SA-516 Gr.70

Weight: 49tons

Length:7.7 mt

Year 2012

Supply of N.1 Styrene Process Gas Waste Heat Boiler for China

Shell Material: SA302 Gr.B / SA387 Gr.11 Cl.2

Weight: 489tons

Length: 16 mt

Year 2012

Supply of N. 1 Sulphur Recovery Process Gas Waste Heat Boiler for USA

Shell Diameter: 4153mm

Shell Material: SA 516 Gr.70 / SA 240

Weight: 198tons

Length:11.5 mt

Year 2014

Supply of N.1 Ammonia HP Steam Drum

Shell Material: SA-516 Gr.70

Weight: 61tons

Length:18 mt